Organic Gardening – Too much of a “good” thing?

Too much fertilizer, whether that’s in the form of manures, composts, synthetics, naturals or otherwise is just as damaging if not more so than not enough.

We often believe incorrectly that just because it’s organic that it’s good for the earth and in our attempt to improve the earth end up ironically and catastrophically causing long term toxicity and damage to the very environment we’re trying to protect.

If your goal is to produce food in a vegetable garden, you definitely don’t want to be sterilizing the soil with pounds of salt just before planting.

Ideally, you’ll want to be giving your plants just what they need as they need it during the growing season.

So how much is enough without it being too much? The Mittleider Gardening Coursebook covers this and much more to help you have the best vegetable garden ever WITHOUT sterilizing and poisoning your soil!

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